Houston CityBook’s April 2018 issue features an article on Houston’s Indian food scene, with a nice mention of Surya India:

Meanwhile, new-ish Heights-area hideaway Surya India is earning good word-of-mouth with its trendy, industrial space and authentic eats. Chef-owner Sheel Joshi brought the revamped version of his restaurant to Houston after a successful 10-year run in Beverly Hills. “The cost of doing business in L.A. was getting to be too expensive,” he says.

While many chefs, near and far, are adopting the Indian-fusion trend, Joshi elects to embrace tradition. “Indian food is so complex. It ranges from region to region and is impossible to get right all under one roof,” he says. His approach to Surya’s primarily North Indian menu? “Dishes are made to their merit. I do not believe in adjusting the spice level because it does an injustice to the cuisine.” But, he adds, there are safe bets for people wary of too much spice, like Tandoori chicken and chicken korma.

Thanks, Houston CityBook!